Eva Vives – Writer / Producer / Director of All About Nina

Film Trailer: Audio Interview w/ Eva Vives TTF: You have written, produced and directed short films in the past, what was the transition going into your first feature? EV: Sure, I mean I’ve been primarily a screenwriter for most of my life. That’s just something that I’ve been doing you know for money and there’s … Continue reading Eva Vives – Writer / Producer / Director of All About Nina

The Oranges – 2011

Unsatisfied, boring and routine aren’t typical characteristics of a Holiday film; that is because Julian Farino’s newest film The Oranges is not your typical Holiday film. Unlike other films this one only uses Thanksgiving and Christmas as a backdrop to tell a more realistic story. The Holidays aren’t always that “magical time of year” sometimes … Continue reading The Oranges – 2011

Carnage – 2011

Two 11 year olds get into a fight, one hits the other with a tree branch causing him to lose two teeth. This was nothing more than a simple skirmish between two young children; the events that follow after though involving their parents is an entirely different beast. Jodie Foster and John C. Reilly play … Continue reading Carnage – 2011