As someone who immensely enjoys all sorts of TV & Film it’s always fun to go to conventions. Regardless of theme (Horror, Comics, Film, Wrestling) fans can always find a good time at conventions. A place where “different, nerdy, geeky,” aKa in my opinion “The Most Awesome People” can meet up and enjoy their love for something. It’s at these conventions people don’t feel so out of the norm and instead are embraced for what they love.


By far the largest comic con on the East Coast and 2nd largest con next to the grand daddy San Diego Comic Con. It is held every October at the Javits Center on the West Side in New York City.

New York Comic Con


Fun gathering of celebrities ranging from sports, film & tv from all eras. Held twice a year in Parsippany, New Jersey.

Chiller Theatre Expo


Spread throughout the country as well as London, England. Top notch guest list with a very open and organized environment that offers interactive activities for fans.

Heroes & Villains Fan Fest


Any fan of professional wrestling knows when Wrestlemania comes around that Axxess will follow. Holding Regular, VIP & Premium VIP Sessions throughout the weekend WWE offers fans a never before seen experience: from meet & greets, memorabilia exhibits and live fan experiences.


Wherever Wrestlemania goes so does the wrestling community and with that many treats for wrestling fans. This is the largest gathering of wrestlers and anyone associated I have seen; basically anyone not signed to a WWE contract. Along with meet & greets fans can buy awesome merchandise, interact with other wrestling personalities from YouTube and other platforms.


Held twice a year in Queens, New York around the LaGuardia airport area. Never fails to have a great list of wrestling stars.

The Big Event


Held twice a year in Monroe, New Jersey. Always brings in top wrestling talent.

Legends of the Ring


Centering on Horror themed guests but do offer talent from current film & tv. Held twice a year: once in Cherry Hill, New Jersey & Hunt Valley, Maryland.

Monster-Mania Con


Most frequent convention that runs throughout the US with a wide range of guests. 

Wizard World Comic Con


Centered more on events held in the area. These events run less often but are always enjoyable when attended.