The newest film from writer/director Anton Sigurdsson Women follows in the same rhythm of other investigation scenarios such as Se7en or Kiss the Girls along with traces of The Silence of the Lambs. The film follows Detective Hawk, played by Adam Dorsey, searching for a killer who has left two bodies behind with another still missing. The film tries to play in the cat/mouse relationship between Hawk and killer/rapist Bradley Gilmore, played by Michael Simon Hall but there is nothing to really sink your teeth into. The relationship feels superficial with all their meetings simply happening just because.

The failure in Sigurdsson building of Hawk/Bradley’s relationship is mainly due to the focus being on the entrapment of Bradley’s latest victim. Our time is mainly spent with Hailey, played by Anna Maiche, and her “roommate” Jennifer, played by Anna Marie Dobbins, both living in Bradley’s warped, demented world. The amount of power Bradley wields over his victims is very dominating but their confines seem anything but inescapable. These scenes are just repetitive with the ending giving no real closure to those we have invested so much time in. We also could have been given more in Hawk’s arc as his backstory is strongly hinted at but not given context until near the end of the film; he also spends a lot of his time just driving around luckily connecting the dots.

The film feels disjointed and just when things feel like they could go in the right direction we’re swerved into something less appealing. Sigurdsson shows potential in portraying inner conflict and establishing heavy tones/mood throughout his scenes as the film never fails to invoke some sort of feeling. Unfortunately this time around the focus needed to be shifted in other directions with other areas given more of a highlight especially considering Bradley was to be considered the epicenter of the town. A dynamic like that tends to give strength in the fight between good and evil especially with Hawk supposedly fighting an uphill battle against someone as intelligent and cunning as Bradley.


1.5 out of 5

Film is Available Now via VOD through Google Play, VUDU, Prime Video & YouTube Movies

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