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­­Even in today’s huge streaming indulgence taking place over the last year there are still many things slipping through the cracks that should have a light shined on them. No one can deny a chaotic, mindless popcorn flick isn’t a fun movie going experience… insert Michael Bay joke here. The newest film directed by Simon West, Skyfire, definitely falls into the sit back and watch the destruction unfold category much akin to films that saturated the late 90s/early 2000s: The Day After Tomorrow, Deep Impact and Armageddon; but it fits the bill for the director of such films as Con Air and The Expendables 2. The film also had tones reminiscent from Twister, Jurassic Park, Dante’s Peak and Volcano as the film is about a volcano erupting on a remote island where a newly built tourist complex is being operated.

We are treated early on to the powerful destruction of what said volcano is capable of in flashback form when a team of researchers is wiped out when gathering information. We fast forward at least 15 years later where Meng Li, a young girl who lost her mother in the aforementioned eruption is continuing her mother’s work by looking more into the volcano’s patterns. Meng Li, played by Hannah Quinlivan (Skyscraper), is also at odds with her father played by Xueqi Wang since losing their wife/mother. Her father has reached out due to his concerns that the volcano is ready to have another devastating eruption… and of course he is right. Insert stereotypical business man with little oversight to safety Jack Harris, played by Jason Isaacs (Peter Pan, The Harry Potter Series) but I don’t say that sarcastically. The film is filled with formulaic story/character elements but in these sorts of films that is given a pass.

The film even though constrained by special effects makes good use of everything at their disposal. The scenes roll from one intense moment to the next with a good cast of characters. I also haven’t mentioned till now that this is a Chinese film but with all of the end of the world craze taking place I just went for the ride. Although not on the top of the “End of the World” film list, also because it happens on an island, West provides a fun enough film to make an hour and a half breeze by.


2.5 out of 5

Film is available now via Prime Video, Vudu, Microsoft & YouTube Movies

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