Silencer (2018)

Action films are a mainstay in the film world and there are countless films out there that pack a solid punch. The problem with such a favorable genre is the dilution of films that simply do not meet the bar. Films found in the dollar bin or the checkout at the supermarket are likely to grab the buyer’s attention by its flashy logo or catchy name. Another route would be to clutter it with “action” stars or other recognizable faces of pop culture. Whatever tactic is used it simply cannot hide whether or not the film is good or not.

With all that being said Timothy Woodward Jr.’s film Silencer does offer more than your typical “straight to dvd” film. It does have stars attached in Danny Trejo (Desperado, From Dusk Till Dawn, Machete), former UFC champions Tito Ortiz & Chuck Liddell but I believe all players are played up to their strengths; in short doses no one feels over used or exposed. The lead is played by Johnny Messner who more than holds up to the film’s other action heavyweights. Woodward Jr. who also produced the film was quoted “we are excited to continue producing a slate of high-concept cast-driven action films.” With a slew of related action films on his resume Woodward Jr.’s approach is offering something different that your usual shoot em’ up.

Working alongside Director of Photography Pablo Diez for the seventh time both offer a strong visual to the story; using each frame as its own living painting. With strong action scenes, decent acting though the one thing the film lacks is in its story; with a better script I think the film’s characters could have been fleshed out more and given the viewer something more. That is not to say the film is not enjoyable, which it is, but in the end it might just be an afterthought after a viewing on a lazy Sunday.


2 out of 5

Available Monday September 4

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