Power Rangers – 2017

Review by : Anatoliy Budnitskiy

POWER RANGERS was a fun film. There were many factors that made it watchable. It was such good nostalgia rush, very cleverly done: to the names of the original power rangers, the old Power Rangers theme, in which I went absolutely nuts for, that was an awesome touch. Great call-back cameos as well and other factors that made the classic Power Rangers the ‘IT’ show for fans back in the day when it was extremely popular:-). If they ever wanted to make a true POWER RANGERS film, this is definitely it. It had the right amount of cheese as well. Sometimes very cheesy but I mean, if you think the POWER RANGERS film would not be cheesy, you are thinking about the wrong film. It was great campy fun. Some scenes dragged a lot but it was the creator’s choice of making it more of an origin story and give scenes for character development to the POWER RANGERS. Some cases it was good but in some other’s it wasn’t and it lacked a great deal. All in all, it was a great for all ages. The humor was very pg13, the action was very good and the acting was fine as well. The pink ranger looked like Amy Jo Johnson’s daughter! That was crazy. I liked that a lot. I am sure there is going to be more films to come on these POWER RANGERS. As us fans go, they have tons to cover!


7 out of 10

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